Mayors of Ipswich

Image of John Murphy from John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

John Murphy was born on the 25th September 1820 in County Cork, Ireland to Daniel Jervois Murphy and his wife, Susan (nee Godson).  He arrived in Ipswich in 1852 and became a Storekeeper and Commission Agent. In 1862 John married Hannah Julia (nee Smith) and they had six children, Aileen, Ernest John, Edward, Mary Constance, Richard Henry and George Jervois, all born in Queensland.

He was the first Mayor of Ipswich and was elected to Office on 12th April 1860 and held Office on five occasions. Mayoral Terms of Office until 1936 were for twelve months only, thereafter, elections were held every three years.  He was also a Police Magistrate in Goondiwindi and Roma.  During his lifetime he held a variety of positions such as Lawyer’s Clerk and Storekeeper’s Assistant at Muswellbrook, New South Wales.  He served as Mayor and Alderman from 19th April 1860 to 2nd April 1862; 15th February 1865 to 27th January 1868.  John Murphy died on the 1st March 1883 and is buried in the Ipswich Cemetery.

The Queenslander, March 10, 1883, p. 367

Information from the Ipswich Genealogical Society 2003 Calendar commemorating 25 years of family history.


Mayors of Ipswich — 3 Comments

  1. JOYL a litle late but only saw this today. My family is Jervois/Murphy of Cork I have a website www, Lots of info there. Another person and myself are currently looking for Maryanne Jervois who md John Murphy and moved to Australia. My 3rd gt gf was John Murphy of Bantry md to Elizabeth Jervois of Braade House, Wexford Ire. Hope to hear from you. Lorraine Egan

  2. Thanks for commenting, Lorraine.

    In regards to obtaining information about Maryanne Jervois, there are some genealogical resources listed on one of our Local History pages ( which may prove useful in your search. On this page, there are some organisations listed that specialise in family history information.

  3. John Murphy is my Great Grandfather. His daughter Ailleen (usually spelled with double ll) married George Firth Scott (author of “The Last Lemurian”). They had 4 children — Ian, Mynonie, Oliver and Jean (my mother) who married Olav Nordland and had 4 children — Bjørg, Tore, Magnhild (moi) and Odd.

    I have already checked out the Radleys of Cork site.

    I am trying to trace GF Scott’s background + find out what happened to my aunt Mynonie who went to America c. 1920

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