January 2011 Floods Community Commemoration Day

In January of 2011 Ipswich and many other Queensland cities and towns were inundated with a deluge of water nearly equal to that which occurred in 1974. This week, Ipswich will commemorate the great deeds and community spirit that was seen during their time of hardship. On Wednesday the 11th of January Ipswich will hold two Community Commemorations, at the River Heart Parklands, Ipswich from 5:30 to 6:30pm and the Alf Harris Park, Goodna from 10:00 to 11:00am.

The year that followed this traumatic event was one filled with community spirit, resilience and amazing displays of support from people all over the world. As the flood receded, Ipswich residents realised the powerful impact water can have on one city, and began their journey to repair the damage together. Photos that were taken during this time depicted scenes of strangers helping to comfort and repair lives and homes within the Ipswich area, working together to remove all traces of what was left behind by the flood.

Many of the amazing stories and photographs of spirit and strength  were told and published in a number of books, which can be borrowed from the Ipswich Library, including: “Flashback: SE QLD flood event January 2011“; “Flood: Stories and images from the ABC of survival, loss and courage“; and “Flood horror and tragedy“.

The Ipswich Library and Information Service is capturing a lasting record of this event through a collection of photographs from those who experienced and witnessed the immense community spirit. If you are willing to have your images of the 2011 flood added to the Picture Ipswich Collection, please contact our Digital Archivist on 3810 7272.

January Floods 2011

January 2011 Floods, Community Commemorate Day – Image courtesy of Ipswich City Council

Information taken from the Ipswich City Council website.


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  1. I also got flooded to and I lived in a two story house and it went up to half of the house. I was only 12 and I lived with my family and we thought it would go all the way because the other flood in 1974, reached all the way to the top.
    Some people were lost and had died (not from my family but the local) and I felt really sorry for them :( Even Boody’s got flooded (it’s a place that has a great wall of lollies) and they still had lollies in the shop.

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