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Audio & E-Books

eBooks from the library website
Browse or search our collection. We have something to suit your reading pleasure.
Will your eReader display eBooks available from the library website
Search for your eDevice on the OverDrive Resource Center.
Good eReader
This site will keep you up to date with the latest news, reviews and tech previews. The site includes links to excellent video demonstrations of many popular tablets and eReaders.
PC Mag
A comprehensive list of available tablets. it includes notes and comments on each product.
Choice Online
Visit the library and use the Choice Online Website. You can save time and money on your tablet or eReader purchase.
Product Review
An Australian site with reviews of products by people who have purchased and used various products. It provides an excellent guide for advice and recommendations prior to your purchase.

Tech Videos

How to use DropBox video
Want to move your files, including pictures, documents and music from your computer to your tablet? Learn how to use Dropbox.’s video tutorials
Tutorials on a wide range of topics including parenting, cooking, how to find a job, sports and hobbies. 
A popular place to find clear instructions on how to do just about everything. Topics include electronics, photography, health, weddings and home and garden. Text and video available.
Offers engaging, useful how-to videos and guides on whatever you need to know. Check out their sections on:-
Cars and transportation
Mind and body
Business and finance
Wide range of topics. Often has advertising before the selected video.
Make, How to and DIY -detailed text guides, some slide shows and videos available.
Wonder How To
This site hand-selects instructional videos from over 1,700 websites. Check out the Wonder of the day section. Other topics include language, self help, games and art and craft.
Wydea Science
On this site you’ll find a collection of fun and friendly animated videos and other formats explaining science and technology topics in an easy-to-understand, interesting way.